Office Address

12240 Venice Blvd.
Suite 30
Los Angeles, CA 90066
T: 310-203-1316
F: 310-861-1441


Parking can be found along Venice and Grand View. The parking lot across the street may also prove useful.


The front entrance to the building is locked. Please ring up using the directory. Dr. Ainslie will be available in the ten minutes before the scheduled session to allow entrance into the building.

Call Lights

Once inside the suite there is a call light system to the left of the center table. Please turn on the switch associated with Dr. Ainslie’s office, #1, and she will know you have arrived for your appointment.

Cancellation Policy

Once a regularly scheduled hour(s) is established that hour becomes the hour that one is responsible for financially. However, breaks and vacations are inevitable and important therefore, patients are free to take three “vacation” weeks per calendar year, with 48 hour notice, for which there will not be any charge. After three weeks of cancellations patients will be responsible for their fee for that hour whether they come or not. If one cancels within 24 hours of an appointment time there will be a charge. If one comes more than once a week their missed session allowance increases as well. This policy will not apply if a session falls on a national or religious holiday or if Dr. Ainslie is on vacation. Please feel free to discuss how this policy suits or impacts you.